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juni 2003

The Spoorgroep Luxemburg is an organisation of amateurs interested in the railways of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Our scope covers the former pre-war railways PH and AL and the actual railway company CFL as well. We are interested in railway modelling too. The group exists since 1986 as a means to gather people interested in the railways of Luxemburg and to exchange information about these railways. It all started as a group of friends, which is transferred into an official organization since 1999. By organising meetings and publishing a quarterly of at least 20 pages named Het Spoorgroep Luxemburg Periodiek we try to meet the goals of the club. Since June 2000 we are on internet either. At this moment we have about 160 members most of them living in the Netherlands and Belgium, but in Luxembourg, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States as well.
In a nutshell:
  • We publish a quarterly Spoorweg Luxemburg Periodiek in Dutch that contains official announcements of the board and articles on the railways of Luxembourg and railway modelling as well.

  • We organise for our members at least two meetings each year which are held in the Netherlands or in Belgium. During these gatherings we can talk about what interest us. Films and slides can be projected and mostly a model railroad is at our disposal.

  • Every year we publish a calendar with twelve full-colour pictures of the railways of Luxembourg.

  • We do organise excursions for our members

  • We publish a website on internet.

If you are you interested you can become a member of our organisation. The annual fee is 20 euro. As a member you will receive our quarterly and you can visit our meetings.

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